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Why a custom sports hoodie will get you in gear for fitness

Why a custom sports hoodie will get you in gear for fitness


26th December 2022

4 min Read

Sometimes even putting on a garment makes you feel as though things are possible, and this is true for the personalised sports hoodie. It's such a lightweight layer, that it adds a degree of comfort to anything underneath, while the material is silky smooth. Added to which it has all the eco credentials, being 100% polyester, together with a double lined hood and brushed inner fabric, so what's not to like with this flexible fitness go-to garment.

Talking of fitness, it may be that you have new ideas and targets as we enter a new year. You don't have to look that far to get a spring in your step - in fact the best present to yourself could be to walk it all off after, or even better to start, during the Christmas break. The guilt of the heavy calorific intake of a roast meal, pigs in blankets, mince pies, cream and wine can be quite intense, and it's easy to feel bad about yourself. But scientists have found that taking a walk in frosty and snowy conditions outside, makes you feel better by improving the body image. This sort of research has been done before about green and blue spaces, but no studies have been winter specific. Until now.

This study was conducted by experts at the University of Silesia and the Anglia Ruskin University. They found that significantly higher levels of appreciation were found after winter walks. The Polish researchers recruited 87 women who walked through snow covered woodland last winter. And they reported feeling significantly better about their body image afterwards. And what better than to wear that extra layer when outdoors enjoying nature.

Added to which your custom sports hoodie can reflect your mood through choosing an appropriate design specifically for your needs - if you are new to regular walkathons, it could be as simple as adapting the "Eat, Sleep, Activity, Repeat" to "Eat, Sleep Walk, Repeat" or adapting the "Keep Calm" layout to "Keep Calm & Keep Walking" to give you and others motivation. You could opt to upload a photo in addition or separately from text. Maybe you and your dog could feature or the group of like minded friends you walk with.

If you enjoy fitness as part of a team, then a personalised sports hoodie is a brilliant way of using a garment to identify your team by giving you an identity together when playing the sport in question. It may be you are a member of a local tennis, rugby, cricket, football team, the list goes on, and there are endless possibilities for your own design to represent so well what you do. Wearing an identifying garment in a group is also a great way to foster team spirit and professionalism.

University and college team sports are ideal for this and you can pick from a range of enticing layouts to represent your activity. It's a creative process and there's a choice between high quality printing or embroidery which is equally made to a top standard, as testified by the thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.

Hoodies are also an ideal garment, for schools and younger teams where casual sports clothing is now part of the fashion. Matching personalised hoodies will help the team to appear as a unit when not on the playing field or track. Or how about a school leavers hoodie? Likewise the gym culture is a superb environment for that extra layer after pulling weights or building on core strength whilst at the same time advertising the fact that you belong to a certain club or team. You could add a logo - either way - this hoodie is additionally just perfect for gym merchandise. TShirt Studio not only offers attractive bulk discounts but help is at hand for queries you may have during the ordering process. We have a designated page with Frequently Asked Questions, but also a design help page giving tips on how to get the best results. Our reviews testify to our high quality standards and consistently satisfied customers. So get designing and feel good about yourself because this garment is perfect either before or after exercise !

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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