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How to counter the Christmas bulge. We examine ways of losing extra weight by embracing fitness after the festivities.

How to counter the Christmas bulge. We examine ways of losing extra weight by embracing fitness after the festivities.


26th December 2021

4 min Read

Let's face it Christmas is a time to relax and see family and friends. It's also a time to enjoy eating and drinking. But what happens when the decorations and Christmas jumper have returned to the attic? The final turkey left overs have been consumed, the empty bottles are out for collection, the christmas pudding (with brandy cream) is a distant memory? Then the scales tell the truth - that the Christmas binge resulted in weight gain. It may be a pound or a few pounds - either way getting rid of those excess pounds in the Winter months can be a challenge.

It's not all bad news. The human body can be quite remarkable in its ability to maintain a stable weight over the long term. Yet in Winter statistically we're more likely to be heavier than at other times of year which may be due to poorer weather and lower physical activity. Watching screens be it BBC iplayer or binging on box-sets on Netflix are good options when it's pouring outside and gets dark remarkably early in the afternoon !

Starting small with exercise is a good option. It's commonly accepted that it takes us around 14 days to ingrain a new habit or behaviour. So if you're not used to walking outdoors as a hobby, then even a stroll around the block will help get you out and about. If you are put off by the weather then why not boost your morale by getting a personalised hoodie or jacket for the specific purpose. "Keep Calm & Get Walking" or how about "When in doubt (your name) Walks it Out!"

If you prefer staying indoors then toughing it out at the Gym, using a Peloton bike or a Joe Wicks workout are all options. For something that can be more sedate but isn't necessarily the case Yoga and Pilates are stretching exercises and there are many online courses to join up to. From beginners to advanced levels you're guided through. While the methods are different, both yoga and Pilates develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture & good breathing techniques. They emphasise the connection between physical & mental health. For these activities a personalised sweatshirt or breathable tank top can make you feel the real deal when beginning your exercise.

For those who are already into exercise the festive period may be daunting through lack of normal opportunities to get out for the adrenalin rush. Cyclists are a case in point. Training plans don't cover how to get back on track if you're a usually well trained cyclist who's 'accidentally' spent eight weeks lying around gorging on mince pies, port and puddings. Sport scientist Elliot Lipski from Train Sharp Cycle Coaching recommends a slower start will reap the benefits and taking 10 per cent off target (power or time) numbers is a good idea. His mantras are to start and build slowly, back off if you start to feel injury niggles, rest well and remember you have the rest of the year, infact your life to train! Which again could be a mantra on a design your own garment for sport. Plus you could pick a motivational theme on a personalised water bottle. It could get as simple as "Go (your name) Go!".

It helps if you're feeling positive that it will do you good to get out and take part in exercise or sport after the festivities. It's all about starting whether individually or by joining a group or society. There is also background reading as encouragement. In fact many of the world's most engaging motivational speakers are sportsmen. Take Michael Phelps who won 15 swimming Olympic medals. He embraced the power of visualising success before starting a swim. So maybe visualising comes in useful for all of us, despite the lack of Olympic success - imagine it's possible to get fitter & feel better & maybe that will lead to action !

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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