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How giving a little something on Mother's Day is so special

How giving a little something on Mother's Day is so special


15th February 2023

4 min Read

What to give our precious Mum's on Mother's Day? There is more than meets the eye to this question? Not all Mother's are cherished by their offspring but if this person is someone who you care for and wish to honour this Mother's Day then how best to do it? It's certainly a global phenomenon celebrated by more than 40 countries worldwide.

First off the bond between Mother and child. In this picture now five, Molly is wearing a personalised tshirt with an image of her Mum Charlotte taken when she was a baby. All these years later, Charlotte is holding her daughter in the same pose. And in a way this passage of time represents so much, in that Mother's are (generally but not always admittedly) there for their children. And it's because in a way it's an assumption that this is the case, that we have a special day to honour our Mother's.

But how to recognise this fact if you live far away from your Mum and are grown up with your own family? Well a photo of you together can say so much, especially if accompanied by some simple words like 'I love you Mum.' It sounds soppy but on a mug this sort of custom gift is inexpensive and says such a lot. Likewise she may appreciate a new kitchen clock - again a carefully chosen image alongside some appropriate words can send such a poignant strong message so simply and be part of the fabric of everyday life.

If you are now a Mum yourself there's always the option of incorporating 3 generations with the same motif. And of course Dad's can get involved too. Your wife or partner may be an ace cook and looking after the kids whilst juggling a job is something to celebrate on Mother's Day. You have the solution in designing her own personalised apron - if you haven't got an ideal photo to use, then layouts are the way forward, and in this context if you want to incorporate the kids then you can name them using a 'this person is loved by' layout.

More and more these days sustainability is a factor when it comes to buying gifts. And price per wear' comes into this. If you as kids club together and buy your Mum a premium hoodie for example using say the 'Keep Calm' layout which has so much flexibility - 'Keep Calm Mum you are the Best' comes to mind. Then if she is a hoodie wearing person, this kind of garment could be a daily staple in her wardrobe and a real treat of a gift aside from her birthday or Christmas. Our premium hoodie is simply luxurious and made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester using ultrasoft and heavyweight fabric Plus an inner brushed fleece. So cosy and comfy you can decide to print or embroider your text or design on to it and either way she will thank you forever!!

The great thing about personalised gifts is they last. Flowers are beautiful and perfect too but even with longer lasting options these days, bouquets don't stay the course after say two weeks. Same with a bottle of bubbly - that may also not last!! Another option for a 'price per use' gift, is the simple custom tote bag. It's an everyday staple, easy to post if your Mum lives elsewhere, and effective as a daily message bearer - depending on what you decide to say! They come in all shapes and sizes and you may want to size down your bag to a make up version or size up to a bigger shopper, all of which are super useful. As is a duffel bag. Now these are really smart, come in an attractive array of colours and could definitely be a present option for Mother's Day especially if she is a gym goer.

Not everyone's on perfect terms with their Mum and it could be that a simple poignant personalised gift could be the bridge that starts to mend that relationship. Of course meeting in person to give that gift would be the icing on the cake as conversations ensues. And communication is such a key ingredient to mending a relationship. But enough of the moralising, here's to our special Mums this Mother's Day!

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company

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