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How TShirt Studio's team celebrates with food after top work

How TShirt Studio's team celebrates with food after top work


21st December 2023

4 min Read

The team here at TShirt Studio is no exception when it comes to celebrating a busy period at work with a culinary cook up.  The Christmas rush is what it says, and there are postal deadlines to meet both in the UK and to other countries.  The company has websites and loyal customers in France, Germany, Spain and the US - and is gaining a worldwide ratings reputation for the quality of its personalised garments. So why not celebrate meeting those targets over food ?  And this is exactly what the team did. What a spread it was showing talent in the kitchen from many different countries.  So take our man in the photo, his contribution was a Romanian breakfast or to be precise "Aperitiv Mic defun" which is smoked sausage, olives and peppers .  Bound together with egg this tasted as light as a feather.  For vegetarians there were delicious vegetable samosas.  A tasty traditional Polish dish called Bigos followed containing chopped meat stewed with sauerkraut, cabbage and spices.  Then came Portuguese chicken pie, Torta de frango, which heated up, tasted sensational. Our Brazilian contingent also cooked up the most fabulous mouthwatering chocolate brownie cake following a Brazilian recipe.  And for a little more sweetness there was also an appetising alternative to traditional Christmas cake in the shape of Christmas pudding carrot cake.  Food is a wonderful way to enjoy time and feel happy.  If you are conversing with colleagues over a beautifully prepared spread, there is so much to talk about.  Who prepared what, the ingredients, the best cooking methods and finally of course the taste !  International cuisine offers so much variety in one place and in one sitting that it's bound to be a good team bonding experience.   Nowadays the temptation is to rush one's food at the desk or if standing up at work, have a  quick break munching rather than sitting down for proper respite.  Here at TShirt Studio we have a nice sitting area but in many organisations the idea is that you don't sit down at all !   I heard of one London school where the staff room was taken away so teachers wouldn't have a place to pause, to mull over their work or have somewhere to go to discuss the day's events with colleagues.  Taking away the staff room was apparently all with the aim of achieving better academic results from pupils. This seems to be counter intuitive and despite our modern day tendencies with smart devices playing an important factor, human beings need to converse.  We are evolutionarily designed to communicate face to face, to detect nuances in the voice, or changes in body language.  You can walk into a room and without anyone saying anything you know whether you are at a funeral or at a party.  Which is an incredible skill that human beings have that many other creatures don't have.  And yet the stats show increasingly that is changing.  When human interaction between looking at someone's face or hearing their voice is removed, figures show we are relying more and more on texts and emails.  Coke and JP Morgan have removed their voicemail options and how many times have we all tried to contact a human being on the phone only to be told there is a digital assistant.   Here at TShirt Studio we pride ourselves on our customer service team for which we have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot.  This means our all important customers are well taken care of and that the quality of our design your own t shirts, hoodies, mugs - whatever it may be, is maintained and exceeds expectations. So amongst the hard work ethic it is possible to have a laugh, exchange banter with your colleagues and share food in a pleasant environment.  The TShirt Studio team is not only cosmopolitan but discerning in its taste of food.  Bring on the next banquet !

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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