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How personalised gifting celebrates positives at Christmas

How personalised gifting celebrates positives at Christmas


1st December 2023

4 min Read

Planning for Christmas often starts early.  Shopping for the best turkey deal, the veg to accompany said bird, and making sure all other dietary requirements are catered for is part of the planning for the festive phase.   But one aspect of life can often be forgotten in what can be hectic preparation, and that's to enjoy every moment, and to appreciate the 'now.' It's a common fact, that we as humans have a tendency to see happiness in the future - 'when I go on holiday,' 'when I achieve a sports goal,' 'when I get my next job,''when my boss moves' etc etc  But appreciating the 'now' adds to the richness of everyday life, and general fulfilment. Personalised gifting is a wonderful way to appreciate those family and friends who are either around you at Christmas or if they can't be, those who you can send a special message of appreciation to in the form of a gift.  A straight forward design your own mug is an inexpensive option, and a simple way to give a boost during the festive phase.  The design can also add an uplift especially using a cheery Santa or Reindeer layout alongside your chosen text and message. And if you want to give a cosy garment, a design your own hoodie or sweat, are great options as a Christmas jumper or Christmas day gift.  It takes time but crafting a special message and uploading the perfect image can convey so much.  Every interest can be catered for - take football - if you're a supporter of a particular player, look no further than a Christmas themed football jumper featuring that player.  Likewise you may want to add in the words to your favourite christmas tune in which case we have a special layout. And if you opt to sticking with a tshirt due to getting away to warmer climes over Christmas or simply that you have great circulation, how about celebrating the whole family with matching tshirts ?  You could pick the same colour or opt for different colours as there is a large range to choose from.  And we have templates to pick from including 'This person is loved by' which works well for families and groups.  When you get into bulk ordering, there are fantastic discounts to be had.  And this is where our system here at TShirt Studio is so flexible. The design for your family, work or team group can all vary on the same garment in different sizes and colours. A win win ! Ordering your ideal garment at Christmas can definitely bring a feeling of festivity and joy. The gift of giving is hugely rewarding and has been well researched.  Elizabeth Dunn, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia explains that 'our ability to work together and help each other was essential to our survival as a species,' and that 'we have evolved to actually experience joy from giving to others.' Further to that exchanging presents we can spread feelings of gratitude all around.  Besides as families and friends know one another's tastes, preferences and needs, chances are that most people will end up receiving what they wanted in the first place, with the added bonus of bringing everyone closer together.   Gift giving not only adds joy but in business and diplomatic terms also adds connectivity. French diplomats often offer wine to their counterparts in different countries, but there are more unusual examples of diplomatic sharing gestures.  When President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong sent two giant pandas, named Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, to the National Zoo in Washington D.C.  And the reciprocal gift from the US Government was to send two oxen to China. There is widespread commercialism at Christmas and stores have devoted departments for Christmas gifts - the John Lewis ad campaign doesn't come cheap.  And there could be an argument to say gift giving seems wasteful.  Some gifts go unloved and even unused and would people would be better off spending their money and time elsewhere ? But as this article has hopefully underlined, the personalised gift enables the personality of the recipient to be taken into account.  And in that sense, spreads a little ray of sunshine.

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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