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How video & photography showcase TShirtStudio's collections

How video & photography showcase TShirtStudio's collections


9th January 2024

4 min Read

From memory the alarm went off at 4am.  This was because we needed to be on a Devon beach when a) the tide was out and b) at sunrise, so the light and conditions would look fabulous for our TShirt Studio video shoot.  We were also taking photographs and had a whole host of models to film and photograph. Huge organisation led up to this moment so, even at this early hour, our team felt a huge sense of relief when the on the day forecast looked true to the fine weather predicted.  Being the director/producer of said event, numerous garments had been prepared to showcase TShirt Studio's personalisation capabilities.  The cameraman helped me lift out mobile hanging rails from the truck.  By this stage the models were arriving and changing into their shoot clothes.  There was the lifesaver fleece, a couple modelling wedding towels, a Sweatshirt showing 'Choose Life' on the front, a workwear polo showcasing Bar '99, and so many other examples of design your own printing & embroidery.   At this time, even dog walkers weren't awake to mark their footprints on the perfect beach setting. Expanses of sand were all around, and the models' enthusiasm grew with each video take and photograph.   There are so many different sorts of shoots.  Glamorous locations in beautiful weather followed by countless shots taken in a Studio so that every fabulous custom garment and design is present on the website.  At all times of year, weather is an important factor.  Winter on location can be very atmospheric, but the darker evenings mean more pressure to get all the pictures 'in the can' before the light fades. Of course it does help enormously when the models are good actors.  A bit like an opera singer or actor on stage, you need that sense of reality and drama to believe in the character and what they are wearing and what it depicts.  Having a good time on a hen or stag night is obligatory, and whilst you can look as though you're enjoying your job wearing workwear, you don't want to look hyper jolly.  It just doesn't wash with your buying audience.   We once shot a sequence of photos in Bath.  A beautiful city and as such has all the pitfalls of a busy location.  Squeezing into a cafe with our model wearing a coffee logo on a polo shirt serving coffee worked really well, but it's advisable not to take photos for too long in that scenario so as not to annoy cafe regulars !   Then there are always the people who want to appear in the shot - so cue awareness on set.  And then there are the permissions.  Nowadays you have to get permission to film/shoot almost anywhere. The camaraderie and teamwork in organising a shoot and 'making it happen' is wonderful. There are those who design the personalised garments, those who select the products and new ranges, those on the factory floor who operate the machines and oversee the company's high standards, and those who help customers reach their creative aims, and then finally those who make the website work wonderfully and look pretty at the same time.   (And that's not even mentioning the design your own mugs or other non garment gifts - which I'll save for another time…..).  Everything's a team effort, and the end product makes it all worthwhile.  Seeing the models wearing the fantastic personalised products on the website does excite our audience to want to buy our bespoke offerings.  Our prices are tempting and transparent, and you can be as creative as you want, uploading your images, and/or using our free fonts and templates to make your desired design.   Whatever the occasion, be it work, sport, teams or pleasure, we have something for everyone.

author thumbnail

Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company

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