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Personalised Gift Printing Quality

printing qualityAll of our personalised gifts are printed using processes chosen for their high quality finish and image stability.

Right through our ranges the same care has been given to the printing quality and colour representation so that we get the best possible results time and again. Every printer we use has been painstakingly colour profiled to ensure the best possible colour accuracy and repeatability.

Personalised Mug Printing

personalised photo mug printingOur personalised mugs are printed using a dye sublimation printing process developed by the world leader in sublimation technology. Each mug is 'orca' coated protecting your design from sunlight fade and making it dishwasher safe.

The sublimation printing process provides a very high definition full colour reproduction.

Personalised Jigsaw Printing

personalised photo jigsaw printingOur laser cut wooden personalised jigsaws are sublimation printed in full colour with a high gloss coating. The photo quality reproduction achieved using dye sublimation is second to none.

Each jigsaw is individually boxed and just like a standard off-the-shelf one you also get a print on the box too.

Personalised Fridge Magnet & Key Ring Printing

personalised photo key ring printingOur personalised key rings and fridge magnets are printed in high definition colour using a dye sublimation printing process.

The inks used offer durability, UV protection and great colour reproduction.

Personalised Mouse Mat Printing

personalised photo mouse mat printingThe cushioned printed fabric surface of the mouse mat is a perfect surface for your mechanical, optical or laser mouse to glide effortlessly over. It is printed using world leading inks giving fantastic full colour representation and depth of colour as well as being easy to care for, and highly resistant to fade and wear.

Personalised Coaster & Place Mat Printing

personalised photo place mat printingOur solid hard backed personalised place mats and coasters are coated with a high gloss wipe clean surface which accepts our vivid, high pigment inks under pressure. Your design is heat sealed beneath the surface of the coaster or place mat keeping it protected from the rigors of use.

Personalised Cushion Printing

personalised photo cushion printingOur UK manufactured personalised cushions are printed with inks that penetrate the surface of the cushion at high temperature and are completely sealed in as the cushion cover is cooled. This makes a vibrant print that is permenant, and very high definition.

Personalised Clock Printing

personalised clock printingOur range of personalised clocks use die sublimation printing for the brightest possible glossy finish. The dye has UV protection built in to prevent loss of colour over time and the choice of our UK made round and square clocks with either traditional or modern hands means that these personalised clocks will fit any home or work environment.

Personalised Bag Embroidery

personalised bag embroideryOur high quality durable personalised bags cover almost all eventualities. Our bags are practical, durable and colourful. All that colour requires our boldest, most colour rich decoration techniques. We use our stunning flex-print process for the great value shopping bag which is perfect for bold text designs. Our luxurious embroidery process is perfect for the versatile duffel bag and retro stylish messenger bag. Both these processes offer fantastic durability combined with amazingly striking and vivid designs including gold, silver and fluorescent colours!

Personalised Water Bottle Printing

personalised water bottlesOur amazingly durable personalised water bottles are coated aluminium that allows a quality sublimation print with vivid colours. Like our personalised mugs the print process has been developed by the world leader in sublimation technology. The print will take all the knocks and wear that you'd expect from an accessory that's associated with sports and activity and will keep you refreshed for years.

Personalised Hot water Bottle Embroidery

personalised hot water bottlesWe extend every care into digitizing and embroidering your design onto these soft and luxurious personalised hot water bottles. Our state of the art embroidery machine powered by cutting edge software does the rest. The speed and precision of our system ensures the best quality at a great price.