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What to give our precious Mum's on Mother's Day? Our tip is a design your own mug which is special as it's personalised

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

17th February 2022

4 min Read

We all live in a global & commercial world. The stakes are high to get bigger & better presents for our loved ones. No more so than at important gifting times of year. And one of those is most definitely Mother’s Day. What to buy your precious Mum to show your love & appreciation for this special person in your life. Now we have the answer - The Mother’s Day mug.

It’s a simple part of everyday household use - in fact part of the joy of a mug is that it can be used for most types of hot drink. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate you name it. It also has a handle so is highly practical. And of course you can decorate a personalised mug how you want. More of that later.

To show how important it is within the kitchen it comes in the top ten list of kitchen basic essentials you need according to a new house checklist. So for all you setting up home or starting college or university you’ll most likely be buying yourselves mugs at some point alongside the ubiquitous bin bags, toaster, cutlery, oven gloves, kitchen roll etc etc. And while we’re on the subject of study, here are a few facts about how the humble mug gains stature when its history is taken into account.

Ancient mugs were usually carved in wood or bone so people poured their drinks into wood cups or, believe it or not, animal skulls. This all began in 3900 BC but by the time of 3129 BC the rise of metal work and the invention of the pottery wheel meant those materials became popular. But there were hazards like burning fingers from metal mugs & lead poisoning ! By the time of the middle ages ceramics gave people a chance to show off their decorating skills and really this has continued throughout the ages to the point of our modern age when big firms like Starbucks started giving identities to their disposable coffee cups through decoration. This started in the 1990’s. And in the same era Thermos introduced insulated travel mugs so people could keep their drinks warm.

But back to the mug as in the present day as a gift for Mother’s Day. We know it’ll be a useful item rather than lying unused in a storage cupboard somewhere. We also know the humble mug has historical significance dating back millenia. But the thing that can really mean so much is how to decorate the mug. A mug really does add value - not financial but heart felt value to this gift.

A simple photo uploaded can do the trick - with your Mum or family or you representing a shared memory is so powerful. Mobile phone cameras are so good nowadays at capturing significant moments that this may convey your message beautifully. You can also put multiple photos together to your own design. Adding in text can convey huge meaning. You can select your choice of fonts and craft your design to fit your purpose. “Mum you are fab” or “The best Mum in the world” together with a photo makes any mug come to life. Additionally if you’re not one for photos, using a simple big letter for her christian name and then the name diagonally across the big letter is a very popular layout. Others include using a simple heart design or the celebrated “Keep Calm’ option with your own words to follow.

The other big advantage to giving a mug as a Mother’s Day gift is that they are a budget present. You can go from a basic mug to spending a bit more with two tone to a personalised colour mug. If you’re like more of a muted style, then the personalised matte mug will be your choice. Also if your Mum needs a bigger cuppa first thing or indeed, throughout the day, then the 15oz personalised mug will suit her well. All these design your own personalised mugs are finished to a high quality specification. They are dishwasher & microwave safe and a welcome addition to the household. When personalised for Mother’s Day, they add that little bit of Mother’s Day magic to the realities of everyday life and by doing so, with a small spend can make a big difference.

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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