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How the Coronation logo adds to the celebration

How the Coronation logo adds to the celebration


20th March 2023

5 min Read

Let's face it, sometimes logos are disappointing and you think to yourself, that company has spent an awful lot of money on hiring professionals, discussing formats, and deciding a design only for it to let the brand down. Well precisely the opposite is the case for the emblem which has been created for King Charles III's Coronation. It's beautifully put together, and represents the symbolism and historical significance of the King's reign, making it a temptation to buy on any commemorative gift like a mug, tote bag or coaster. It looks good on garments too, and if you're organising a street party for instance, a t-shirt or hoodie would be natural choices.

The originator of this brilliant design is none other than Sir Jony Ive, KBE. He's the British creator behind the iconic iphone shape, as he was formerly the Chief Design Officer at Apple. His emblem will be used throughout the Coronation celebrations in May. It pays tribute to the King's love of nature and binds together the four nations of the United Kingdom through its depiction of flora and fauna. There's the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland. The flowers create the shape of St Edward's Crown, with which His Majesty The King will be crowned during the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May. And the colours are symbolic too as the red, white and blue are used from the union flag. If you want to amend the colours or your bespoke personalised design, there are very pretty alternative official colours - the black, blue and pink options will look good on any garment or gift. Commenting on his Coronation design Sir Jony says: "The emblem speaks to the happy optimism of spring and celebrates the beginning of this new Carolean era for the United Kingdom. The gentle modesty of these natural forms combine to define an emblem that acknowledges both the joyful and profound importance of this occasion.”

Anything with this official emblem on it makes an appealing gift. An apron or clock are more unusual alternatives. But much of the merchandise will tie in with the events of the Coronation weekend. Saturday May 6th is the day of the Coronation service itself which includes a procession and the Royals will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony afterwards. On Sunday May 7th there's a Special Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle. Broadcasted by the BBC there'll be well known stars performing alongside the Coronation Choir. There will be a lighting up of fires, lasers & projections throughout the country as part of the concert. In addition on Sunday, time to don your King's Coronation garment for a Big Lunch near you. From a cuppa to a street party, the idea being to celebrate with friends and neighbours or indeed meet new people in the community. And on Monday 8th May which is a bank holiday, 'The Big Help Out' is a day encouraging volunteering. All manner of groups like the Guides & Scouts are involved.

For many the King's Coronation may not resonate . We are so familiar with the Queen over our lifetimes and although Charles has always 'been there' so to speak, maybe a few facts are useful in this context. Charles III actually became King when his mother passed away on September 8th 2022. Aged 73, he is the oldest monarch ever to be crowned in British history having been heir to the throne since he was 3 years old. He studied history at Cambridge University and is the first British monarch with a University degree. He can speak Welsh and learnt this while he was Prince of Wales. He's also a qualified pilot and diver. He's a keen watercolour painter and also takes an interest in architecture. He's founded 20 charities which earn around £140 million every year. As early as the 1970's he was talking about plastic pollution, drove an electric car, and planted trees on royal engagements. He's the reigning monarch in 14 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada & Jamaica. He's also Head of the Commonwealth which is a voluntary association of 56 independent & equal countries. As King he doesn't have to have a passport or driving licence! His eldest son is William and is next in line to the throne.

There's so much bad news around that whether or not you are a monarchist the King's Coronation is a time for celebration. And you can add a personal touch to any of your Kings Coronation garments by adding your own message on the back. Added to which your Coronation gift or garment could become collectible in years to come. Maybe not as valuable as limited editions items like coins, but nevertheless a personal keepsake recording a moment in history to pass on to the next generation.

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company

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