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How custom t-shirts become firm friends in your wardrobe

How custom t-shirts become firm friends in your wardrobe


19th June 2023

4 min Read

It's that time of year when you rifle through your wardrobe looking for summer gear and that old favourite personalised tshirt turns up - in my case the one which says 'it's meant to be…'  The lettering I remember choosing in a rather swirly but fun font set against the garment's navy background.  At that time I had a phase on positive aphorisms and 'it's meant to be' was one of them.  Many years later, it's a firm friend and that's the power of personalised garments, they become friends depending on the circumstances in which they were born. It may be time to invest in a new one.  If I was going to Glastonbury, which unfortunately I'm not, I may choose to mark the occasion with my design your own t shirt, or indeed custom bucket hat.  And my group could follow suit.  The possibilities of identity are endless with this idea. Names, dates, funny expressions unique to the party, are all possible with personalisation.  I wore a classic tshirt to see Motorhead at Glasto in 2015 with  'Motorhome'' emblazoned on my chest as an ironic twist on that band's name.  And due to  that fab concert, all these years later, it's become a rocking friend in my wardrobe. All sorts of friendship codes can be revealed through personalised designs.  Teams of people can hook up and bond through the design for an event like a charity run, musical performance or travel trip to name a few.  There are endless possibilities which extend from social, sporting events through to work.   Take literally a Teams meeting over the internet.  You may be thousands of miles away from your colleagues, but if your firm is celebrating a big event or anniversary, what better way to  mark that occasion than by greeting each other wearing a bespoke personalised work garment. If t-shirts are deemed a little casual, polos can look really smart on the airwaves, and exude company ethos.  Or a printed personalised softshell jacket. Added to which a custom mug and a design your own hat can all complete the corporate look alongside the company logo.  For the organisers, the decisions come with the designing of the product.  The firm's logo is an obvious thing to include and this is where it's worth spending some time to make it a stand out success.  A clear, simple design often works best, with not too much detail in the actual logo.  Take the Nike swoosh - the simple tick harks to the idea of getting things done and a 'just do it' mentality.  The swoosh echoes the wings of Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, and the company's namesake.  With a fluid silhouette evoking motion and speed, there is so much contained in the swoosh that is implied adding to brand values in an abstract, minimal design.  Likewise the interlocking 'C's' in the chanel design. They are the simple initials of the founder of this now global fashion brand.  The simplicity and symmetricality cement this logo for carrying the brand values, the brand synonymous with its 'little black dress.'  Macdonald's has the famous 'M' for the golden arches and the 'T' for Tesla all follow on from the initials theme. Using the shape of the fruit, Apple works by using an age old earthy wisdom with a bite taken out of it.  This gives it a contemporary twist with an ever changing and transient element. Fonts are important and here at TShirt Studio we have a full array of options.  Classic lettering lasts as the Coca Cola logo shows.  It's made up of italicised flowing writing with  a wave underlining the first 'C.'   Back to the conference circuit, and If you're taking part in an in person meeting abroad with your team, or want to develop your marketing strategy, you may choose sustainable personalised garments as the way to go in forming a bond between team members.  The bespoke design can be like an introduction or talking point and the more people know each other, the greater the depth of understanding can be conveyed by the message.   That's why going back to where I started, the custom t-shirt favourite buried in the cupboard, has become a firm friend.  It relates to the past, present and future.

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Cathy Sayers

Content Editor

As a former ITV Features Editor Cathy is used to coming up with ideas on all manner of subjects and making them viewer friendly! She divides her time between all things TShirt Studio and making films for production company visiononcomms.com

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