Design Your Own Flexfit Trucker Snapback Cap

This Snapback Cap Offers Comfort, Freshness and Great Style.

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Design Your Own Flexfit Trucker Snapback Cap

Way back before the rappers, the skaters and the gamers there were the truckers. This is probably what they wore. An original Flexfit trucker cap in all it's horn honking, big rig glory. It goes just perfectly with a simple t-shirt, which of course are also available right here at T-Shirt Studio. It's a dream to wear all day because of the quilted front sweatband for comfort and that old school mesh at the back that keeps your head cool. We know you'll want to try out your own design right away and snap up this amazing personalised snapback truckers cap.

  • one size adjustable
  • Quilted sweatband
  • Embroidery area 11.5cm wide, 5cm high

Qty5+ 10+ 15+ 20+

Design Your Own Flexfit Trucker Snapback Cap rated 4.8 out of 5 from 8 reviews

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03 Jul 2020


 Quality hat,Quality embroidery,Quality company.No need to shop anywhere else.

14 Aug 2019

Just Awesome!

My second year of ordering my Trucker Snapback cap and I was fully satisfied with everything. The customer service by Matt Caddy was great as always, my delivery came on time and Lastly my Snapback Trucker Cap looked Amazing! Thanks again Matt and Tshirt studio team. Look forward to ordering again Next year until then keep up the great job guys!

02 Jul 2019

Another quality Trucker Cap

 I have already purchased two caps, one red, one brown. This time I bought the blue one. I like the blue best. I have purchased hoodies, tshirts, a woollen hat, a bag and mugs from tshirtstudio. All have been of excellent quality. The tshirtstudio online designer is really easy to use. I don't think there is any point in going to an alternative supplier.

26 Mar 2019


What an amazing quality customized product! I got a trucker type cap with embroidered yellow name on it. Not only I received a high quality product but it arrived attached to the NASA rocket :) Will definitely be dealing with Tshirt Studio again. You guys rock!

21 Feb 2019

Another great hat.

 Another great hat to accompany the one I already have. I have purchased the two hats for a special meeting later this year, so they will remain in their boxes until then. The boxes are good quality, too!

29 Jan 2019

Great hat

 Very pleased indeed with my trucker hat. Excellent quality. No need to say anything more except I am about to order another one.

18 Dec 2018

Trucker hat and sweat shirts

 The sweatshirts are bomb but my hat I got two tone lettering and first four letters are strait second set goes uphill hella noticeable I can’t even wear it. I’m in the us and I got my shipment in 20 days which wasn’t bad though I’m gonna use them again

10 Jun 2018

Immense Quality

 Love this site so much! Epic quality and for a really great price. Have made my own merch and it’s epic and had many positive reviews. Highly, highly recommend!

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