Wood Garlic Chopping Board

Ideal for Garlic, Chilli, herbs and spices.

Custom  Board Olive Garlics Preview

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Wood Garlic Chopping Board

Just like the taste of garlic lingers pleasantly, the memory of this gift will linger long after it's been received. And while your gift may be intended to spread some love, most chefs prefer not to let the taste of garlic spread where it doesn't belong. For that purpose there is this dedicated garlic chopping board. It's also useful for chillies, herbs and other strong seasonings. Each one is crafted from beautiful olive wood and as such every one is unique with it's own swirling grain pattern. Both sides can be used so you won't get garlic in your design.

  • Non engraved side can also be used for chopping
  • Real olive wood
  • High definition engraving
  • Made from a single piece of wood
  • 24 cm's long including handle
  • 12 cm's high
  • 7.5 x 7.5 cm maximum engraving area
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash and oil regularly with olive oil

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