Engraved Olive Wood Board

Personalised Platter, Cheese or Chopping Board

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Engraved Olive Wood Board

Whether you use it as a platter, a cheese board or simply for chopping you'll appreciate the undeniable quality of this beautiful olive wood board every time. It's cut from one piece to ensure durabilty and so nothing disturbs the stunning wood grain. Choose and personalise one of our custom made designs to give it that final touch.

  • Real olive wood
  • High definition engraving
  • Made from a single piece of wood
  • 27cm * 17cm * 2 cm board size
  • 25cm * 15cm maximum engraving area
  • Colour, pattern and texture of each board will vary
  • Food safe

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13 Oct 2017

Olive Board

After receiving this with a minor error, I spoke to the customer service department and they were very helpful. They sent out a replacement the same day and the new one I received is perfect! I love it and am excited to give it as a gift for Christmas. Be careful to check the measurements to see that it is big enough for what you want though.

30 May 2017

Practical, but fun!

Excellent quality product with the added quirkiness of personalised engraving provides for an unusual gift on any occasion - just apply some imagination!

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