Design Your Own Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Don't settle for an off the shelf phone case. Make it yours!

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Design Your Own Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Arguably today's most personal of all belongings, the phone hardly ever leaves our side. At T-Shirt studio we understand that you want a phone that belongs in your hand, and for that it should reflect your personality. Why buy the same case as thousands of others? There's no better way of making sure your phone is truly unique than designing your own Samsung S8 case at T-ShirtStudio.

  • Print covers the entire case
  • High quality plastic
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports
  • Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone

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04 Sep 2018


 Overall happy with the case, there is a deep scratch to the edge and the colour isn't as vibrant as I thought it would be, but for £10 you'd expect worse. There was an issue with my order but they were super quick to fix the issue

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